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Have we met? I feel like I already know you...

You're an ex-corporate modern entrepreneur who eats passion for breakfast alongside her pancakes?

Me too.


Hey there,
I'm Casey!

owner & designer

I’m obsessed with making brands beautiful and websites fascinatingly functional.

And I do it all from my home in New York with a big cup of coffee by my side.

You’ve got an inkling that your brand isn’t doing its job but it’s hard to articulate the vision you have for your brand.

That’s where I come in.

Pull up a chair and let’s create a brand that tells the world who you really are.

Because that’s what’s missing...

designer, educator & mama

your truth

I’ve been a website and graphic designer for over 15 years, working for big companies with even bigger hearts, like Johnson & Johnson and Revlon.

With a degree in design, I’ve spent my career honing my ability to get inside your head and bring your vision to life, exactly how you imagined it.

Bringing your vision to life is my



get to know me

When I’m not designing brands, I’m a mommy to our wild and energetic four year old boy Ryan, a new baby girl named Mackenzie and a wife to my husband Doug, who I met when I was just nineteen. He’s my teenage dream, my biggest supporter and my most loyal fan. These two treasures are what keep me going.

Things I love:

I was on TV as a toddler on my Grandpa's gardening show!

Something you wouldn't believe about me:

Pioneer Woman

Favorite TV chef:

Heights and Bats

Things I'm afraid of:

Staying in a Castle in Ireland

Dream vacation:

Ralph Lauren, Meghan Markle, Audrey Hepburn

Style icons:

Mint Chocolate Chip

Favorite ice cream flavor:

Chinoiserie, Fuzzy Slippers, Mexican Food

Things I love:


Style icons:

Favorite ice cream flavor:

Things I'm afraid of:

Favorite TV Chef:

Something you wouldn't believe about me:

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