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Always the bridesmaids branding & showit website

A unique experience where bridesmaids can gather to choose their dress in an elegant and fun environment.

Deluxe Branding & Showit Website
Industry: Wedding
Additional Designs: Social Media Templates, Postcard

Always the bridesmaids

Owner Kelly Short came to Sugar Studios when she needed professional help branding her new business, Always the Bridesmaids. We created an elegant and feminine brand design including a custom logo, patterns and social media templates.

Kelly returned to Sugar Studios for a custom Showit website.


Project Notes

Kelly Short

"Casey is prompt and professional! I definitely couldn't have put my branding together without her insight and ability to keep me on track. I get fabulous feedback about my branding from clients and it's all because Casey was able to organize my scattered ideas and bring them to life! She's a pleasure!"

Always the bridesmaids


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