Selling on Etsy vs. Creative Market

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Selling on Etsy vs. Creative Market

December 6, 2013

True story: In 2016 I closed my business for 1 year after having our son and it was the BIGGEST mistake I've ever made. I totally get how overwhelming it can be to build an online business while raising a family... um, 3am work nights fueled by a pot of coffee - been there!

Which is why I've dedicated Sugar Studios + this blog to helping entrepreneurs like YOU build the business you've been dreaming of.

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  1. Johnny says:

    Hi, there! Happy to read this post, I’m thinking about to sell my wordpress theme on CM and Etsy, do you know is there anyone probably to buy the theme on ETSY?

  2. Hi there. Great article & very helpful, so thank you for publishing it. I have a quick question, I have been led to believe that you can upload full size images for the customer to download directly from Etsy, but I have just checked out the Easy guidelines, & they are saying that only images of up to 1000 pixels wide are allowed? Well, if I’m selling hi res, full size stock imagery, 1000 pixels won’t be big enough. Do you have any ideas how I could get around this or point me in the right direction as to where I might find the answer?
    Many thanks. Louise

    • Casey says:

      Thanks Louise! You’re correct that Etsy has an instant download feature. I don’t believe there is a restriction in the height or width of the file however there is a restriction on the file size (20MB). You can upload up to 5 separate files that are max 20MB (so 100MB total). I think you’ll be fine with 1000px wide image. Good luck!

  3. britt nicole says:

    Hey there ~ Thank you so much for this. Super helpful, since I’m looking to start either an Etsy or Creative Market shop. After reading this, I think I’ll start with Etsy, get the hang of it, and then move into Creative Market later! 🙂

  4. sub says:

    thank u for the info, it helps me lot

  5. Jaywish says:

    will etsy allow putting your art on creativemarket and vice versa? or do they require exclusivity ?

  6. Giannis says:

    Thank you for this article. I am already a seller on etsy and I just found out about Clevermarket. I think I will start selling there too. But you should mention that Etsy has other fees too. Except from the 3,5% comm. and the 0.20 for listings, they charge the transaction fees $0.25 (from each order you sell, not for a total amount) plus the tax.
    As I red in CM support, they do not have transaction fees. Please correct me if I m wrong.

    Again, your article was so complete and to the point!
    Thank you.

  7. Josh says:

    Hey Casey, you mentioned that you often email large digital files to your Etsy customers after they purchase from you. Do you offer a smaller size file (under 20mb) for them to download initially? And then follow up with an email containing the larger file? What’s your process getting large files to customers and assuring them that the files will arrive in a timely manner?

    • Casey says:

      Hey Josh, That’s a good point to offer them an initial download but I would be afraid it could confuse my customers (you know how so many people never read the details before purchasing). I still occasionally send large files through Google Drive. I’ll mark the order as complete and then send them the link to download the file!

  8. Andraz says:

    Thanks for all useful infos. Right on point:

  9. nainsi says:

    Hi Casey,

    Thank you for sharing views.
    It is very helpful for new entrepreneur like me.

    Other than Etsy and CM, Which online marketplace you will suggest to sell pattern designs and graphics.

    Thank you

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