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Inside the Life of a WAHM (3 Years Later)

February 25, 2019

True story: In 2016 I closed my business for 1 year after having our son and it was the BIGGEST mistake I've ever made. I totally get how overwhelming it can be to build an online business while raising a family... um, 3am work nights fueled by a pot of coffee - been there!

Which is why I've dedicated Sugar Studios + this blog to helping entrepreneurs like YOU build the business you've been dreaming of.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I agree with all of these even reheating the coffee (did this 8 times today btw).
    I think I work 3 or 4x as hard as a wahm than I ever did at my job but I get to spend the whole day with my kids ♥️

    • Casey says:

      Right!? I 100% agree with you about working 10x as hard. It’s amazing how we can multitask, crank out work and be WAY more productive than we were before we had kids. Love your site!

    • Casey says:

      p.s. A few days after writing this post, Ryan stopped napping ???? My whole schedule has shifted now!

      • Christina says:

        I’m actually working part-time now as part of a gradual transition to become a WAHM. We have a toddler who will actually be 3 in April and it’s a struggle to get him to nap during the day on weekends! 🙁 He’s in daycare currently, but even then I’ve been told that he sometimes like to play with his blanket and hide instead of sleeping. As such, I’ve been kind of agonizing of how things will be once I’m a WAHM and he’s home with me. Seeing your comment about your son makes me not feel as bad. lol.

        • Casey says:

          Yes, nap times are golden! But sadly my son has pretty much dropped them. I have a sitter who comes two times a week and my son is starting preschool soon so I’ll have a little more time, but it really is tough to manage! The plus though is that as they get a little older they are more independent and willing to play on their own for small periods of time so you can get some work done. Good luck!!

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